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Zildjian Cymbals

My Cymbal Set-Up:


13" A-Custom Mastersound Hi-Hats

19" A-Custom Crash

19" A-Custom Projection Crash

20" A-Custom Projection Ride

Vater Drumsticks

My Vater Drumstick:


Session Model with Wood Tips, Hickory

Yamaha Electronics

I use the Yamaha DTX Multi-12 Electronic Pad live and in my studio for samples and sound effects

Sontronics Microphones

My Sontronics Microphone Set-Up:


DM-1B on Kick Drum

DM-!S on Snare Drum

DM-1T on Toms

Orpheus Condensers on Cymbals

Tama Drums

My Tama Starclassic Bubinga Drum Kit:


22"x16" Kick Drum

13"x7" SLP G Maple Snare Drum

12"x7" Rack Tom

13"x7-1/2" Rack Tom

16"x14" Floor Tom

Remo Drumheads

My Remo Drumhead Configuration:


Powerstroke IV on the Kick Drum

Coated CS Dot on the Snare Drum

Clear  Emperors on Tom top side

Clear Ambassadors on Tom bottom side

Latin Percussion

My LP Percussion Set-Up:


LP Rock Cowbell

LP Aspire Timbale Cowbell

LP 12' Drum Set Timbale

The Offspring

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